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( available for purchase here at Etsy )

Also, I'm nearly done with the first mini-stationery book. I'll post that one tomorrow.
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I started out making a scrapbook journal along the lines of stuff I'd seen at (LJ)jr__nal and (LJ)embodiment. It didn't turn out quite that way 'cause, well,...it's me. Apparently I have a style or something. :P

Anyhow, I realized I was having more fun making the pages than I was writing on them. So I asked my friends if they'd be interested in passing around a book that had been "stationery'ed" by me.

As I posted the pictures below (in sections) to my DW and LJ, and to (LJ)jr__nal and (LJ)embodiment, people suggested I sell books and pages like this at Etsy. After getting the okay from the friends I'd promised the book to (they're happy I've finally found a craft I can actually sell, and they know I'll make them one later), I put it on Etsy. And here it is. :)

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I've been writing in a journal for almost as long as I can remember. I've used a number of different forms: fancy blank books, plain old spiral notebooks, composition books, moleskines, various computer programs, text files on my computer or shell accounts, index cards, web sites... the list goes on.

I've got a lot of fancy (leather bound and the like) blank books that I'm afraid to "ruin", so they're still on the shell, all pristine. I tend to do my real paper journaling in spiral notebooks and moleskines most often. I like the large moleskine sketchbook for versatility. And I do a lot of one off journal writing pieces on index cards. I'm a total index card junkie.

For writing, I like the sparkly sakura gel pens or regular bic ballpoints in blue. But I've been known to break out a fountain pen now and then.

What about you?
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